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Apparel for M

Apparel for M (A.F.M) offers casual clothing produced with eco-friendly materials. M gains different meaning depending on the collection (e.g. Message, Movement, Mountain). Among the fabrics they use, there is polyester produced from PET bottles. The above photos are from their second delivery AW 2013 collection “The Corner”. Right now A.F.M. clothing can only be purchased in Korea.
Photos: Kwonjin Kim
Directing: Jungjin Hwang
Model: Skollie Skribbles
Styling: Jungjin Hwang & Jongwon Kim
Stuff: Jongwon Kim

My age of seven

“My age of seven” is a story by Won Seoung Won who recreates dreams from her childhood. Each image is a single episode nurtured by Korean legends. See the whole story at Galerie Paris-Beijing.


Gentlemonster is a Korean eye wear brand founded by Kim HanKook. The designs of the glasses are inspired by the past but adapted to the modern fashion. The brand aspire to create vintage future. Gentlemonster has also collaborated with many Korean brands, for example LOW classic, Blankof and Diafvine.

All images by Gentlemonster

Interview with Mipa Lee

Tell us a bit about yourself?
In terms of nationality, I’m Korean, but have spent most of my life abroad in different countries. I went to college in the US where I studied studio art and graphic design, but then returned to Korea and worked at a hakwon for a while, but now, I guess you can say I’m self-employed with my start up online vegan bake shop and painting on the side.

How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it before?
Characters and aliens from a colorful, imaginary world in my head. Sometimes the characters are happy and whimsical, other times they are lonely and lost.

What are your main themes and inspirations?
Some common themes in my pieces include communication or language barriers, exploration, discovery, and the simple pleasures of life. There isn’t any specific thing that I use for inspiration… I can find inspiration in so many random things, whether it be books, film, people-watching, music, or just walking around the neighborhood. And sometimes, I’ll just start drawing whatever is on my mind at that moment and see where it leads me.

What is your favorite piece you have created?
It’s tough to choose a favorite. For me, it’s usually more about the process than the actual final result. I remember really enjoying painting the big ‘Burp Blurb’. I usually work at a small scale and this was one of my larger pieces which was a nice change. I also just enjoyed the randomness of the characters, the colors, and the detail of the patterns and background.

What things are difficult to draw?
I think the hardest is capturing the essence of a person or a gesture, which is why I really admire illustrators who are experienced with drawing the human form. I also think it’s difficult to draw anything that you heart is not into. When you can’t seem to get in the groove with a painting and no matter what you do, it’s not coming together, it can feel like pulling teeth.

What would be your dream art project?
To write and illustrate a children’s book or have a solo exhibit.

Can you recommend some Korean artists whose work you find inspiring?
They’re LA-based, but Jeana Sohn and David Choe are two that I’ve been following ever since college and I admire and respect their work and styles so much. I can just get lost in their work.

What else do you do besides art?
I spend a lot of my time baking vegan bread and cookies, but I also like to explore the city, take photos, blog, play with my bunny, and grocery shop.

Where in Seoul we can find the best bibimbap?
One of the most memorable bibimbabs I had in Seoul was at a traditional tofu restaurant, across the street from the Seoul Arts Center. They put thick slices of tofu in it, plenty of veggies, and a generous squeeze of flavorful sesame oil. It was deeelicious!

Seoul’s best kept secret?
I don’t think it’s exactly a secret but I think more people should check out the Bangsan baking market, even if you’re not into baking. It can be a bit hard to find because it’s surrounded by all these other markets in dongdaemun, but once you get there, it’s like you’re in baker’s heaven. I just love looking at all the packaging supplies and baking ingredients. :)

Mipa’s website:
Mipa’s vegan bake shop:
Mipa’s blog:


Awesome specs from grafik:plastic. In Korea you can get them from e.g. mmmg stores.

All photos by Hong Jang Hyun for grafik:plastic
Website: grafik:plastic (coming soon)

Ma Vie En Rose SS2012 by Hasisi Park

Ma Vie En Rose is a Korean shoe manufacturer led by Lee SunYuul. Their SS2012 catalogue was concepted, designed and photographed by Hasisi Park. Check out Hasisi’s website for more photos.

New Kids On The Magazine

Flat Apartment photographed by Na Jhin

Baby I’m yours photographed by Na Jhin

Cho Namhyuk photographed by Na Jhin

Sim Umji photographed by Cho Namhyuk(argasm)

Park Seulgi photographed by Park Mijin

new kids on the magazine (nkotm) is an online youth fashion magazine. The story of nkotm started when a couple of friends created a printed zine in which aspiring young creators and artists were introduced. Due to the amount of work that printed mag reqired, the format was switched to online. Each editorial introduces creative and talented youth with a set of photographs and short interview.

Website: nkotm
All photos thanks to courtesy of nkotm.

Suitman aka Young Kim

Suitman aka Young Kim takes photos of himself in a suit in different locations all over the world. It all started while he was being relocated for his job and he only had an access to one black suit. Apart from that Suitman has also done several other projects such as an ironic movie about North Korean regime.

If you’re in Seoul, go and see his first solo exhibition at the gallery Factory. The exhibition is on until Dec 17th, 2011.
Suitman videos


L: NOVO tattoo artist, R: PRESS KIT PRESS graphic designers



L: WOO JIMIN Elephant design company PM, R: KIM WONSUN art director

ORDINARY PEOPLE various and active experiments

L: YANG HYUNSUN Gemma Yang fashion accessories designer, R: BAIK HYUNHEE magnmag art director

OhBoy! and Fred Perry collaborate together to present 50 contemporary artists. From March 2011 to March 2012, the project shows profiles of artists who pursue their own path with vision and who seek the latest trends in contemporary art scene. So far 30 artists have been introduced at Fred Perry artists’ website. Some artists were already featured on WOWSAN and some will be in the future. So stay tuned!

Project website:
OhBoy! zine:

SAI by Jiyoung Seo

Designed by a young artist Jiyoung Seo, SAI is unusual shelving system consisting of silicon cubes. The position of the cubes is customizable, which allows you to create your own unique shelf that fits your storage needs. SAI is being exhibited until September 4th in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Röhsska Museum.

More project by Seo can be seen at her website.
Images courtesy of the artist.