Please introduce yourself
I’m an artist Junkhouse, I’m a painter and street artist too. I was born in Seoul and I’m still living in Seoul.

What is the main subject in your art? Who are these interesting little characters?
Basically, my work has developed from the idea that everything that exists, regardless of size and material, are lifeforms that breath.

My works are based on concept of Organicism. In a nutshell, my eyes, my perception of inorganic objects, birth imaginations of new lifeforms. These inorganic objects maybe something that I doodled, expressing rigid objects such as houses, buildings, images, or keywords within my subconsciousness, processed into the metaphysical and then finally born as new and live organic images.

I perceive the city as one giant organism. The city continuously changes, whether naturally or artificially, it evolves and mutates. Therefore, because the images and environment that they survives move and evolve. My forms mix and combine with each other, transform into geometic figures, and finally proliferate after reincarnation into new metamorphoses.

What mediums you use to create your work?
I prefer to work with new and different kinds of materials. Typically, for the first step, I doodle on sketch books with black permanent ink pen. Then I move that image out to a street wall or onto canvas. My favorite painting materials are acrylic and marker. When I started doing street art I wheatpasted; painting on paper with acrylic and marker. Later I began making installations with other materials which I just got from the street. From last year I started using colorful plastic tape. Sometimes electric wire too. Still I’m considering about how to preserve my works. Because it’s hard to survive in the envelopment of outside.

Mutant, acrylic on canvas (38 X 45.5 cm) / 2011

What would be your dream project, something you always wanted to do/make?

One of my dream projects is to build my own imagination art zone; a surrealist world where all my created lifeforms can live. I started to dream about it after I watched the movie, ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.’

Also, about six years ago I pasted up work in a very old Korean favela area just under one mountain here. At that time it was only small pieces so I’d like to make whole artwork in the small and old korean village again.

Pinocchion Monster Junkhouse solo exhibiton at Lotte Gallery (Ilsan)

If we want to find your street art, where could we possibly find it? Any gallery exhibitions coming up this year?
You can find my work all around South Korea. Not only in the downtown areas. I made many works in Busan last year. And there are quite a few in the Hongdae area of Seoul.

I started an interesting project late last year; I gathered around 15 different artists to start street art work together or individually in redevelopment areas, and new places in Seoul. It’s called ‘Seoul Urban Art Project’. It could be an outside the gallery project. I’m not planning much gallery exhibitions this year, but I am preparing a few secret exhibitions outside of South Korea.

If you could go and make street art in any city of the world, what city would it be?
Oh, too many cities, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Shanghai. I visited Brazil few years ago, but I couldn’t stay very long in Sao Paulo. So I’d love to visit again and do more work there.



It would be underestimating to call EE just another band. They are so much more and they like to call themselves “the total art performance team”. EE is a married couple Lee Yun-Joung, a stylist, main vocal of the 90’s Pipi Band and Lee Hyun-Joon, installation artist and a DJ. This April EE will be the first Korean artist ever to perform at Coachella festival in California.

The marvelously tacky music video for Curiosity Kills is directed by Lumpens. The original is shot digitally and the 80’s feel is created by copying it back and forth on VHS tapes.

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