Design Studio KAMKAM

KAMKAM is a Seoul based design studio of two designers Hyunjin Seo and Jaekyoung Kim. They produce fun and playful furniture and other design items. In their own words “Our dream is to have the time and space to conceptualize, construct and share whatever comes to our minds. We want to transform all this darkness to show every single one of its colors.”

The dressed up furniture (2010)

An Furniture (2010)
A cabinet inspired by paper sizes A3, A4, A5 etc.

XYZ NOTE (2011)

Animation co-produced by Studio YOG and LOBOTOMY.


Sticky Monster Lab

Sticky Monster Lab is a design studio and a collective of artists from Seoul, Korea. They are known for the great monster characters and figures as well as short animations. Since Sticky Monster Lab started in 2007 they have done campaigns with big companies such as Nike and Cartoon Network. Sticky Monster Lab has their 3rd exhibition starting on 28th of February at Platform. New sets of The Monsters figures are also out on 28th. Don’t you want them all, we do!

To learn more about Sticky Monster Lab check out their interview:

The Father:

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