Lucite Tokki

This lovely duo is Lucite Tokki, Kim Sun Young (guitar) and Cho Ye Jin (vocal). At first they were called just “tokki” (rabbit in Korean), because in their own words Sun Young looks like a rabbit and Ye Jin just happens to like rabbits.
They have released three albums, the latest one “Self” in March.

The video is from Cafe Veloso where they recently were playing live. This Friday Lucite Tokki is performing live at Rolling Hall in Seoul with few other bands. Check it out if you happen to be around there! Cafe Veloso in Hongdae is a recommended place to visit as well.


RECANDPLAY.NET records live performances in urban everyday places in Seoul. Their blog features indie musicians singing in “venues” like metro, flower shop or a cafe.

The above video filmed in 273 bus is a song called 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요 (I’m scared of the dark tonight) by a indie pop band 10cm. If you like their music and happen to be in Seoul in February they have a gig coming up on the 12th.

More performances can be found on RECANDPLAY.NET