It would be underestimating to call EE just another band. They are so much more and they like to call themselves “the total art performance team”. EE is a married couple Lee Yun-Joung, a stylist, main vocal of the 90’s Pipi Band and Lee Hyun-Joon, installation artist and a DJ. This April EE will be the first Korean artist ever to perform at Coachella festival in California.

The marvelously tacky music video for Curiosity Kills is directed by Lumpens. The original is shot digitally and the 80’s feel is created by copying it back and forth on VHS tapes.

Check out their interview with The Creators Project to see more of their work.

EE album “Imperfect, I’mperfect” and EP “Curiosity Kills” can be found on iTunes.

Taekwon V – 3D Projection Mapping

Taekwon V 3D Projection Mapping – National Assembly Seoul

Director :

Sound Design:
DJ Soulscape

If you are not familiar with Robot Taekwon V, it is a super popular Korean animation originally from 1976. More info can be found on Wikipedia.