L: NOVO tattoo artist, R: PRESS KIT PRESS graphic designers



L: WOO JIMIN Elephant design company PM, R: KIM WONSUN art director

ORDINARY PEOPLE various and active experiments

L: YANG HYUNSUN Gemma Yang fashion accessories designer, R: BAIK HYUNHEE magnmag art director

OhBoy! and Fred Perry collaborate together to present 50 contemporary artists. From March 2011 to March 2012, the project shows profiles of artists who pursue their own path with vision and who seek the latest trends in contemporary art scene. So far 30 artists have been introduced at Fred Perry artists’ website. Some artists were already featured on WOWSAN and some will be in the future. So stay tuned!

Project website:
OhBoy! zine:

I am a Boy, I am a Good Boy.

Yet again OhBoy! zine doesn’t fail to deliver awesome photography which can be admired in their latest issue. The series of photographs titled “I’m a Boy, I am a Good Boy.” was shot by Kim HyeonSeong. If you’re in Seoul make sure to pick up a copy of OhBoy! zine and otherwise check out their blog.


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Oh boy! is a fashion and culture magazine that respects the earth and environment. We create this magazine with the belief that consuming wisely is a beneficial act of caring about others as well as ourselves. We also believe that fashion is not just a way of self-expression, but in a greater sense a way to practice altruism and rationalism in a humane way. We are against animal fur and therefore will not include any photos showing fur; we will also minimize the exposure of leather products depicted in the magazine. We prefer to show fair-trade products and actively support the principles of environment-friendly companies. The magazine is solely run by advertising profits and a part of the profit will be donated to animal protection organizations.

OhBoy! ia a free magazine with amazing photography that looks great printed on a lovely matte paper. You can find OhBoy! in several shops and cafés in Korea.