Soyoung Bak

Three words that describe me:
Simple, curious, open-minded

What’s for breakfast?
I always eat breakfast. Normally in Korea we eat rice and side dishes. I’m dieting for 365 days in a year, haha!

Favorite moment of the day?
1am. Right now. Everything ia silent and my habit is to drink coffee. I may stay up very late.

Dream camera?
Next camera. I change my mind from time to time.

Favorite city/neighborhood?
Seoul. I like the scene of high buildings and traditional roofs. I don’t think my favorite city is going to change if there is Han River, Seoul Tower and many palaces. Perhaps when I get to visit Jeju it can change. In the spring and autumn I enjoy visiting temples. I’m always surprised how the nature can heal you.

If you were a tree, what tree would you be?
Birch in a snow-capped mountains, white birch. I like winter.

Stripes, polka dots or plain?
First stripes, however in recent years I have more interested in the plain



Aaron Yunsuk Choe

Three words that describe me
wHungry, crazy, funny…

What’s for breakfast
Omelet, toast topped with butter, marmalade and salt and a cup of Rooibos tea. This is the breakfast I make for myself on the weekends. It’s kind of a ritual for me.

Favorite moment of the day
I guess this sound’s a bit cheesy because I’m a photographer but depending on the season but around 6-8 pm when the sun setting. Or really early in the morning is nice too if I’m fully rested.

Dream camera
Maybe a Mamiya 7 II with a digital back. Or just a digital back for the medium format camera I currently use.

Favorite city/neighborhood
I try and visit Gwangjang market at least once every two weeks. My grandmother had a restaurant there for 20 years and the place just feels very comfortable. So many good places to eat at, vintage clothing stores, a baking market across the street, and lots of things and people to take pictures of.

If you were a tree, what tree would you be
A Christmas tree. Loved then used, abused and finally thrown away haha ;P.

Stripes, polka dots or plain
Striped shirts, polka dot bandanas, and plain jeans.


LABAS vol.2 BARNSLEY by Nina Ahn

Labas is a small artistic publication dealing predominantly with travel and travel photographers who have visited interesting locations. Their latest book takes us to Barnsley, UK with Nina Ahn.

I created the book because I wanted a physical record of my travels, so it represents something of a visual travel diary.

I moved to Barnsley for 5 months, a small town in the North of England. I moved there to spend time with my fiancé’s family and was surprised to find it was more beautiful place than I expected, so I felt like it would make an interesting subject for my first solo publication.

I was able to travel to more obscure places not commonly frequented by travelers as I lived with local people.


₩12,000, $12 (International)
210 x148 mm
100 pages
Edition of 200
Printed and shipped from South Korea
Purchase: www.connectdesign.co.kr


Ma Vie En Rose SS2012 by Hasisi Park

Ma Vie En Rose is a Korean shoe manufacturer led by Lee SunYuul. Their SS2012 catalogue was concepted, designed and photographed by Hasisi Park. Check out Hasisi’s website for more photos.


New Kids On The Magazine

Flat Apartment photographed by Na Jhin

Baby I’m yours photographed by Na Jhin

Cho Namhyuk photographed by Na Jhin

Sim Umji photographed by Cho Namhyuk(argasm)

Park Seulgi photographed by Park Mijin

new kids on the magazine (nkotm) is an online youth fashion magazine. The story of nkotm started when a couple of friends created a printed zine in which aspiring young creators and artists were introduced. Due to the amount of work that printed mag reqired, the format was switched to online. Each editorial introduces creative and talented youth with a set of photographs and short interview.

Website: nkotm
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nkotm
All photos thanks to courtesy of nkotm.

HARU HARU / Kim Ji young

Kim Ji young 김지영

Three words that describe me
worm/ well /summer
(there is reason why i choose that three words. my mom has a dream about me before I born. Korean people have a their own dream of conception. but there are exceptions.)
One day she lost a way in the forest of pine trees. She walk on the way and found a well in the middle of the forest of pine trees. So she looked into the well. There is a very clear water and a Worm. A worm in the well is symbols of me. And around one year after I was born in summer. hehe It just a story of my dream of conception.
Love Worms, Love Summer , Love Well in my mind.

What’s for breakfast
Almost Home milk

Favorite moment of the day
qutting time – 7:00 PM

Dream camera
Your camera :)

Favorite city/neighborhood
seoul / well, I like my home more than anywhere

If you were a tree, what tree would you be
um.. Eurya japonica :)

Stripes, polka dots or plain
plain (but I need a stripe pattern sometime)

Kim Ji young’s Flickr

Dahahm Choi / Rise and Set

The Sound of Seoul (25inch x 25inch, Digital Print, 2006)

Today we are happy to introduce you Dahahm Choi, Seoul born photographer currently living between Berlin and Paris. Photos shown here are from his series called Rise and Set, all shot in Seoul. More of his work can be found on www.dahahm.com.

When did you start Rise and Set?

I guess it was quite a long time ago to say. I can’t exactly say when I started that project because at that time I didn’t care about the subject. All I wanted was making good images of Seoul. Then I travelled to several countries with middle format camera which changed my whole point of view. It was 2005 – 2006.

What is your idea behind Rise and Set?

When I was young and energetic, I spent a lot of time with my friends outside during warm season in Seoul. As long as the weather allowed us to hang around, we were always skateboarding day and night, even in the midnight until the sun rises. We were searching for a spot to skateboard throughout the whole city. Wherever there was a firm concrete or pavement which looked perfect for skateboarding, we just went there and spend quite a time. I took photos of my friends skateboarding with my Minolta Automatic Camera my father bought when I was in Edmonton, Canada. Not only I but also my friends were appreciating unconsciously how beautiful the city were. It was like a cozy home when we were together outside day and night.

What is you favorite equipment to work with?

Definitely with films. I would like to see myself taking photo with a view camera because I know that it will make me feel more responsible for what I am or what I am doing. To add up a reason for that, I suppose everybody knows why films are better.

Is there photographers or things that often give you an inspiration?

Yes, but mostly I get inspired by having conversations with friends or listening to good music.

Seoul Metro Ring Line 2, at Choong-jung-ro (2009)

Sogong Street, Seoul (2007)

KNR (30inch x 30inch, Digital Print, 2009)

The More Sound of Seoul (2009)

Teheran Boulevard, Seoul (2009)

Olympic Bridge (2008)

A Phonebooth next to Seoul Station (2007)

www.dahahm.com & his blog

Nils Müller in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea, is a white spot for most westerns. Being well-known for electronic products, food and pop culture, the second most populous metropolitan area of the world has a lot more to offer than kimchi and k-pop.

While many in Seoul try to live up to the strong social norms and expectations, a good amount also strives for ‘western’ values, or at least those represented in American dramas, which are watched by all ages. Seoul is one of the most intense places, where the clash of tradition and modern trends is very tangible and visible. 60-80 hour work weeks are normal, and some find their corner of freedom in the socially accepted overuse of alcohol in the after hours. Others go for deviant behavior, and appear more individualistic. They can be found throughout the city, but are hard to discover sometimes. Nils Müller did that, last week.

Nils Müller (b. 1982) is a photographer from Cologne, Germany. His work revolves around humans and their emotions. He is one of the most recognized graffiti photographers worldwide.

Nils Müller on Public Delivery


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HARU HARU / Sungmin Husumu Hwang

Sungmin Hwang, aka Husumu.

Three words that describe me
Deep, Dope, Tight.

What’s for breakfast
When I wake up, I only drink 100% garlic extract juice. This is really good for health.

Favorite moment of the day
Bed time. I love sleep, but I can’t sleep well.

Dream camera
Hasselblad HDC on lunar surface. Please someone bring that.

Favorite city/neighborhood
My hometown, Incheon. We are rough man.

If you were a tree, what tree would you be
Pine tree, always the same.

Stripes, polka dots or plain
Blank space.


Kim Bo Bae

If you have ever been to Korea, some of these scenes can look quite familiar. Kim Bo Bae captures the daily Korean life and her photographs bring a smile on our face today.