Apparel for M

Apparel for M (A.F.M) offers casual clothing produced with eco-friendly materials. M gains different meaning depending on the collection (e.g. Message, Movement, Mountain). Among the fabrics they use, there is polyester produced from PET bottles. The above photos are from their second delivery AW 2013 collection “The Corner”. Right now A.F.M. clothing can only be purchased in Korea.
Photos: Kwonjin Kim
Directing: Jungjin Hwang
Model: Skollie Skribbles
Styling: Jungjin Hwang & Jongwon Kim
Stuff: Jongwon Kim


If you’ve been following the fashion scene past few years you must have not missed 5-panel caps. So many streetwear brands have their own line and small businesses pop up. Korea’s own Monkids has been around for quite a few years already and starting to get more and more recognition outside Korea as well.

As a cap enthusiasts wearing them from morning until night Monkids wanted to start making their own in 2009. The first one was a 3-color wool 5-panel cap, simple and minimal design as they prefer themselves. Since then Monkids has always focused on the great mix of colors and patterns. Caps are made in Itaewon (the multicultural neighborhood in Seoul) and they joke that this is why Monkids looks like an international brand.

Currently Monkids is mainly known for their 5-panel caps, but their products include baseball caps, beanies, t-shirts and jackets as well. In the future they wish to grow to a lifestyle brand making not only clothing but bags, watches, perhaps even furniture.

Monkids is available in Seoul and Busan, but international online store is in the making. Meanwhile you can contact Monkids for mail order.

My age of seven

“My age of seven” is a story by Won Seoung Won who recreates dreams from her childhood. Each image is a single episode nurtured by Korean legends. See the whole story at Galerie Paris-Beijing.

San Shoe & Co.

SanShoe&Co. was founded in 2012 and offers handcraft unisex shoes. We strive to become a brand beloved by
everyone for decades by ensuring timeless styles and highest quality products.

Pixels On the Street

Hong Si-jin/29/CEO & Hong Ki-pyo/23/Student

Kim Tae-jun/29/Engineer & Choi Ji-hee/27/Editor

Pixel street fashion by Serene Weather


Gentlemonster is a Korean eye wear brand founded by Kim HanKook. The designs of the glasses are inspired by the past but adapted to the modern fashion. The brand aspire to create vintage future. Gentlemonster has also collaborated with many Korean brands, for example LOW classic, Blankof and Diafvine.

All images by Gentlemonster

Unsung Magazine

So excited to introduce this newcomer, Skateboard Magazine Unsung. They had their first issue launch party just few days ago in Seoul and the magazine will be published bi-monthly. We got to ask them couple of questions about the inspiration behind the magazine and the differences between skateboarding culture in the east and the west.

Unsung: We started the magazine because while there are sick sites that cover skateboarding, like Dailygrind, there wasn’t anything in physical form. We all want to see skateboarding in Korea blow up and this is one way we can help get everyone involved. We offer a view on skateboarding from a different part of the world. For skateboarding magazines, the West dominates the information. We want to give people a better view of how the East does it’s thaaaang. Especially to bring all the skaters in Korea together to really push everybody. There’s so much potential already, we would love to take it to the next level and get the scene known worldwide.

There are a few major differences between skateboarding in Korea and the rest of the world. One thing is that the scene isn’t nearly as developed. There are dudes that have been skaters for upwards of 15 years, but the gap between the OG’s and the new generation is pretty huge. We’re seeing it start to close up as more and more people get interested. Also, the spots. The majority of Korea has been built within the past 30 years, lending itself to huge expanses of beautiful concrete, marble, and granite. There are so many untouched, virgin spots just begging for a good thrashing. There aren’t many places in the world that have so much potential that haven’t been blown out yet. Korea is a final frontier of sorts.

The aim is to have a 50-50 split of words and images in the magazine. We want to show as many faces in the photos as possible to get people psyched, and have the images to prove the gnarly stuff that people are doing. It’s a bilingual magazine, with emphasis on the Korean side.

We really want to help realize the potential of the Korean scene and get everyone excited and to assist in building the scene that was already here.

Unsung staff:
Photographer: Nak-Won Choi
Staff Writer: Martyn Conrad
Staff Writer: Brian Mollot
Editor: Patrick Biffle
Editor: Jin-yob Kim
Creative director: Ryan Saley
Director: Phil Song
Publisher: Kevin Kim
Art direction: prakt

You can pick up your copy from the stores listed here (currently Korea only).

Unsung Magazine



The TRVR riding team is not a typical road racing team. We have gathered to enjoy riding on beautiful and adventurous routes unknown to most riders. We are not only concerned with riding, but creating inspiring films and pictures, projecting sports into art. We believe that our projects are all about communicating with people through sports. Shared emotion through projects could help us taste at least some happiness and satisfaction in our lives

TRVR also has a line of beautifully made knitwear, bags and caps. See the TRVR website for more:


Soyoung Bak

Three words that describe me:
Simple, curious, open-minded

What’s for breakfast?
I always eat breakfast. Normally in Korea we eat rice and side dishes. I’m dieting for 365 days in a year, haha!

Favorite moment of the day?
1am. Right now. Everything ia silent and my habit is to drink coffee. I may stay up very late.

Dream camera?
Next camera. I change my mind from time to time.

Favorite city/neighborhood?
Seoul. I like the scene of high buildings and traditional roofs. I don’t think my favorite city is going to change if there is Han River, Seoul Tower and many palaces. Perhaps when I get to visit Jeju it can change. In the spring and autumn I enjoy visiting temples. I’m always surprised how the nature can heal you.

If you were a tree, what tree would you be?
Birch in a snow-capped mountains, white birch. I like winter.

Stripes, polka dots or plain?
First stripes, however in recent years I have more interested in the plain

Buried Alive 2012 FW lookbook

Can’t help but love the analogue feeling of the new Buried Alive lookbook for fall and winter season. For the full lookbook head to Buried Alive website.

Buried Alive