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Soyoung Bak

Three words that describe me:
Simple, curious, open-minded

What’s for breakfast?
I always eat breakfast. Normally in Korea we eat rice and side dishes. I’m dieting for 365 days in a year, haha!

Favorite moment of the day?
1am. Right now. Everything ia silent and my habit is to drink coffee. I may stay up very late.

Dream camera?
Next camera. I change my mind from time to time.

Favorite city/neighborhood?
Seoul. I like the scene of high buildings and traditional roofs. I don’t think my favorite city is going to change if there is Han River, Seoul Tower and many palaces. Perhaps when I get to visit Jeju it can change. In the spring and autumn I enjoy visiting temples. I’m always surprised how the nature can heal you.

If you were a tree, what tree would you be?
Birch in a snow-capped mountains, white birch. I like winter.

Stripes, polka dots or plain?
First stripes, however in recent years I have more interested in the plain


Aaron Yunsuk Choe

Three words that describe me
wHungry, crazy, funny…

What’s for breakfast
Omelet, toast topped with butter, marmalade and salt and a cup of Rooibos tea. This is the breakfast I make for myself on the weekends. It’s kind of a ritual for me.

Favorite moment of the day
I guess this sound’s a bit cheesy because I’m a photographer but depending on the season but around 6-8 pm when the sun setting. Or really early in the morning is nice too if I’m fully rested.

Dream camera
Maybe a Mamiya 7 II with a digital back. Or just a digital back for the medium format camera I currently use.

Favorite city/neighborhood
I try and visit Gwangjang market at least once every two weeks. My grandmother had a restaurant there for 20 years and the place just feels very comfortable. So many good places to eat at, vintage clothing stores, a baking market across the street, and lots of things and people to take pictures of.

If you were a tree, what tree would you be
A Christmas tree. Loved then used, abused and finally thrown away haha ;P.

Stripes, polka dots or plain
Striped shirts, polka dot bandanas, and plain jeans.

Interview with Dj Soulscape

You can’t talk about South Korean contemporary culture without mentioning Dj Soulscape (also known as Espionne). His real name is Park Min June and in addition to being a dj he is also a producer. In 2005 together with his friends he founded 360 Sounds which functions now as a cultural movement of Korea’s best creatives. Influenced by mid 80’s hiphop, Soulscape creates modern sounds with a generous doze of old tunes.

We managed to ask him a few questions and below you can enjoy the short interview.

What projects are you involved in?
dj/producing under my name, running a record label / the only record store in seoul city ( / couple of more things… recently, i’ve bought a great collection of 70s blaxploitation posters (over 30 different pieces) so i’m planning an exhibition with those.


As a kid who did you want to be when you grow up?
a scientist. actually that’s the reason why i studied electrical engineering and signal processing. a dj is a scientist i believe!

Is there anything you didn’t have a chance to do yet but wanted to try?
well… trip to brazil, india.

Do you have any other creative interests?
inspiration comes from my record collection, travels, friends, graphics, pretty much everywhere!
Can you recommend some new/korean artists worth checking out?
second session – my new artist. a genuine effort of soul, funk, jazz jam trio. this 3-piece-funk band is the only figure in seoul that can sound like 60s-70s psyche-jazz-funk. simo & mood schula – taking seoul’s beat scene to a whole new level, they’ve been working with olivier daysoul, guilty simpson and soon will be working with the greats like wajeed, georgia anne muldrow and couple of others.

What can we expect from you in 2012?
my label, studio 360 will be releasing a couple of more artists’ albums and maybe my new album (in 10 years) or new sound of seoul mix series.

DJ Soulscape an avid record collector has also put together two mixtapes of Korean rare funk, disco and soul from the 1970′s and 80′s. The Sound of Seoul and More Sound of Seoul have brought back the old forgotten tracks that can be enjoyed not only by the old generation but also by the youth. In 2009 at the More Sound of Seoul party he got to perform with a very special guest, 70’s singer Ockhee. See a video of the party here.

Turntable Lab Radio 008: DJ Soulscape by turntablelab

Photos 1-4 by Aston Husumu Hwang:

Min Lee

Meet Min Lee. A lovely artist that WOWSAN has been fan of for a long long time. Recently, she has opened a shop on Etsy where you can buy her art work including adorable ceramic pins which are perfect for a xmas gift!

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m Min Lee.
When I was growing up, our family lived in Bangladesh, France, Korea, Chile, and Argentina. Then I went to college in NYC, USA and I recently graduated from grad school in Gothenburg, Sweden. Living in so many places leaves me with different memories, it’s like I’ve lived through different lives and personas. It’s a bit strange.

What is your work style like?
It depends. Sometimes it’s sinister and weird, sometimes it’s cute and fun. My hand has a split personality disorder.

What is your favorite medium to work with?
Usually I’m not confined by medium. I try to make the most out of whatever medium I come by be it ceramics, textile, illustration or making an animation.etc Drawing with pencil may be my favorite, you can draw anywhere, anytime as long as you have a pencil and a piece of paper. Ceramic is difficult because you need to have everything set up.

Each of your pin has an own character. Is there a story behind each pin?
No. All the shapes and drawings happen as it goes. Nothing is pre-planned, it’s all accidental which fascinates me that you can come up with so many faces. I guess this working process is what drives me to make more. Otherwise, I get bored very quickly. But it’s interesting to see what people end up choosing either as a gift or for themselves. Among many choices I offer, they all find a pin that speaks to them the most.

Do you feel like things changed in Korea while you were away?
Things are more expensive than 2 years ago and the streets are cleaner. I guess it’s the influence of Design Seoul project they had going on. I kinda miss the old Seoul and its crazy neon signs, strange hues and mess. It’s getting more and more sterile now.

Which Korean artist you would like to collaborate with?
I don’t know about Korean artist but I kinda dreamed about collaborating with YOKOO ( I think the pins would look lovely with her scarves.

What is your favourite piece you have created?
I’m not sure…I always end up forgetting what I’ve made. It keeps my head clear.

If you could bring something from Sweden to Korea, what would it be?
My studio at HDK. Cherished friends. GLÖGG

Facebook: MININI
Etsy: Min’s shop

Hee Sisters Anthology 1978-1980

Korean disco group from the late 70’s, Hee Sisters (희자매) has an anthology CD box set out by Beatball Music. The box contains hardcover book with notes and photos and three CDs, two CDs of the greatest songs by Hee Sisters and the third one with new remixes by Korean artists and DJs. Definitely worth checking out for all who love the tunes from this era and a great chance to start exploring the Korean scene of soulful disco music for those who are not yet familiar with it. You will be surprised to see how much Korea had to offer for the golden times of disco music.

Sunrat Tattoo

It’s time for another guest post! Spanish illustrator, graffiti & tattoo artist Numi is writing us about Sunrat Tattoo parlor located in Hongdae, Seoul.

Sunrat Tattoo studio is founded by Sunrat. He has been tattooing for 8 years and is really passionate about tattoos, especially old school and American traditional style. This style is characterized by bold stroke line and many solid black and strong shading. Also the colors are very basic, not using more than 5 colors, red, green, yellow…

At Sunrat Tattoo there works Sunrat as a tattoo artist and Numi as a tattoo apprentice and staff. We also have a guest spot at the studio. Famous artists like Hiroyuki (Cotton Pickin, Akita), Horigyn (Sword of Rebel, Nagoya) and Chris Barnett (Good Faith Tattoo, Boston) already have worked at SR.

If you visit Sunrat Tattoo you can find clean and nice place to get a tattoo~ We are so friendly too!

Besides the studio, we also organize Ink Bomb Tattoo Convention Korea, biggest convention in the country. Artists from Japan, America and locals get together for the event. The next Ink Bomb will be held in spring 2012.

Sunrat Tattoo
325-25 2F, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel : 82-2-336-5698

All photos: James K Lowe

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Numi Midori / Born 1984. Spain. Illustrator, graffiti & tattoo artist

Numi loves pineapples, riding her fixed gear bicycle around Han gang river and paint graffiti.

She has worked with brands such as Adidas, Puma, MTV Korea, Kid Vanilla, Lomography, Converse and more. Numi also works for Ink Bomb Tattoo Convention. Launched exhibitions in Seoul, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Taipei and participated in an art-in-residency programme and does cross over with clothing brands.

Numi is currently living in Seoul and working at Sunrat Tattoo.

HARU HARU / Kim Ji young

Kim Ji young 김지영

Three words that describe me
worm/ well /summer
(there is reason why i choose that three words. my mom has a dream about me before I born. Korean people have a their own dream of conception. but there are exceptions.)
One day she lost a way in the forest of pine trees. She walk on the way and found a well in the middle of the forest of pine trees. So she looked into the well. There is a very clear water and a Worm. A worm in the well is symbols of me. And around one year after I was born in summer. hehe It just a story of my dream of conception.
Love Worms, Love Summer , Love Well in my mind.

What’s for breakfast
Almost Home milk

Favorite moment of the day
qutting time – 7:00 PM

Dream camera
Your camera :)

Favorite city/neighborhood
seoul / well, I like my home more than anywhere

If you were a tree, what tree would you be
um.. Eurya japonica :)

Stripes, polka dots or plain
plain (but I need a stripe pattern sometime)

Kim Ji young’s Flickr

Dahahm Choi / Rise and Set

The Sound of Seoul (25inch x 25inch, Digital Print, 2006)

Today we are happy to introduce you Dahahm Choi, Seoul born photographer currently living between Berlin and Paris. Photos shown here are from his series called Rise and Set, all shot in Seoul. More of his work can be found on

When did you start Rise and Set?

I guess it was quite a long time ago to say. I can’t exactly say when I started that project because at that time I didn’t care about the subject. All I wanted was making good images of Seoul. Then I travelled to several countries with middle format camera which changed my whole point of view. It was 2005 – 2006.

What is your idea behind Rise and Set?

When I was young and energetic, I spent a lot of time with my friends outside during warm season in Seoul. As long as the weather allowed us to hang around, we were always skateboarding day and night, even in the midnight until the sun rises. We were searching for a spot to skateboard throughout the whole city. Wherever there was a firm concrete or pavement which looked perfect for skateboarding, we just went there and spend quite a time. I took photos of my friends skateboarding with my Minolta Automatic Camera my father bought when I was in Edmonton, Canada. Not only I but also my friends were appreciating unconsciously how beautiful the city were. It was like a cozy home when we were together outside day and night.

What is you favorite equipment to work with?

Definitely with films. I would like to see myself taking photo with a view camera because I know that it will make me feel more responsible for what I am or what I am doing. To add up a reason for that, I suppose everybody knows why films are better.

Is there photographers or things that often give you an inspiration?

Yes, but mostly I get inspired by having conversations with friends or listening to good music.

Seoul Metro Ring Line 2, at Choong-jung-ro (2009)

Sogong Street, Seoul (2007)

KNR (30inch x 30inch, Digital Print, 2009)

The More Sound of Seoul (2009)

Teheran Boulevard, Seoul (2009)

Olympic Bridge (2008)

A Phonebooth next to Seoul Station (2007) & his blog

ART & SEOUL giveaway winner

It’s time to announce the winner of ART & SEOUL giveaway! Thank you everyone who left a comment.

The winner is number 7 , Rachael! Congratulations! We have sent you email.

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The photos are from ART & SEOUL launch party by Andreas Duschek for ART & SEOUL.


The 2nd issue of ART & SEOUL is out! Summer 2011 issue includes interviews with Nikki S. Lee and Nakion, photos by Nina Ahn and Patrick Tsai, and a booklet by Yoo Byungseo, Go Daegun and Kam Donghwan.

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