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Jinbo – KRNB

R&B artist Jinbo the Superfreak has been dropping new tracks on his Soundcloud for a while now and has blown us away from song to another. Now finally the whole mixtape “KRNB” is out and it’s all about revisited k-pop songs from legends like Deux and Seo Taiji and Boys to songs from newer artists like 2NE1 and SNSD.

Jinbo the SuperFreak – I Need You Girl (Taeyang’s I Need A Girl Revisited) by JINBOsuperfreak

Jinbo the SuperFreak – Love Game (BoA’s GAME Revisited) by JINBOsuperfreak

KRNB is available for download at Jinbo’s Bandcamp. Be sure to check out his Soundcloud and the album Afterwork for more goodness.

Album artworks by Dahahm Choi

VLUF garage party

VLUF is organizing their second garage party on Saturday the 10th. Check out the video from the first party and it’s guaranteed you don’t want to miss this event if you are anywhere near Seoul.

More info at:

5 Days Market Project

아무것도 하지 않는 시간 Time For Doing Nothing – by 홍보람 Boram Hong

“Five Days Market presents a collection of songs that form the sketches of life in Jeju. Stripped down in production, the album reflects the landscape of island, spanning from the tranquil to the raw.”

See the rest of the beautiful videos on 5 Days Market Project Vimeo
Get the album on iTunes.

Interview with Dj Soulscape

You can’t talk about South Korean contemporary culture without mentioning Dj Soulscape (also known as Espionne). His real name is Park Min June and in addition to being a dj he is also a producer. In 2005 together with his friends he founded 360 Sounds which functions now as a cultural movement of Korea’s best creatives. Influenced by mid 80’s hiphop, Soulscape creates modern sounds with a generous doze of old tunes.

We managed to ask him a few questions and below you can enjoy the short interview.

What projects are you involved in?
dj/producing under my name, running a record label / the only record store in seoul city ( / couple of more things… recently, i’ve bought a great collection of 70s blaxploitation posters (over 30 different pieces) so i’m planning an exhibition with those.


As a kid who did you want to be when you grow up?
a scientist. actually that’s the reason why i studied electrical engineering and signal processing. a dj is a scientist i believe!

Is there anything you didn’t have a chance to do yet but wanted to try?
well… trip to brazil, india.

Do you have any other creative interests?
inspiration comes from my record collection, travels, friends, graphics, pretty much everywhere!
Can you recommend some new/korean artists worth checking out?
second session – my new artist. a genuine effort of soul, funk, jazz jam trio. this 3-piece-funk band is the only figure in seoul that can sound like 60s-70s psyche-jazz-funk. simo & mood schula – taking seoul’s beat scene to a whole new level, they’ve been working with olivier daysoul, guilty simpson and soon will be working with the greats like wajeed, georgia anne muldrow and couple of others.

What can we expect from you in 2012?
my label, studio 360 will be releasing a couple of more artists’ albums and maybe my new album (in 10 years) or new sound of seoul mix series.

DJ Soulscape an avid record collector has also put together two mixtapes of Korean rare funk, disco and soul from the 1970′s and 80′s. The Sound of Seoul and More Sound of Seoul have brought back the old forgotten tracks that can be enjoyed not only by the old generation but also by the youth. In 2009 at the More Sound of Seoul party he got to perform with a very special guest, 70’s singer Ockhee. See a video of the party here.

Turntable Lab Radio 008: DJ Soulscape by turntablelab

Photos 1-4 by Aston Husumu Hwang:

Hee Sisters Anthology 1978-1980

Korean disco group from the late 70’s, Hee Sisters (희자매) has an anthology CD box set out by Beatball Music. The box contains hardcover book with notes and photos and three CDs, two CDs of the greatest songs by Hee Sisters and the third one with new remixes by Korean artists and DJs. Definitely worth checking out for all who love the tunes from this era and a great chance to start exploring the Korean scene of soulful disco music for those who are not yet familiar with it. You will be surprised to see how much Korea had to offer for the golden times of disco music.

Humming Urban Stereo

넌 그날

Hawaiian Couple

Banana Shake

Cute calming music by Humming Urban Stereo. This electropop band consists of Lee Jeereen, Shina-E and Humming-Girl. Their latest single “넌 그날” features Yoo In Na, an actress who recently became very popular after starring in a drama called Secret Garden.

HUS official website
HUS discography
HUS on Wikipedia

Lucite Tokki

This lovely duo is Lucite Tokki, Kim Sun Young (guitar) and Cho Ye Jin (vocal). At first they were called just “tokki” (rabbit in Korean), because in their own words Sun Young looks like a rabbit and Ye Jin just happens to like rabbits.
They have released three albums, the latest one “Self” in March.

The video is from Cafe Veloso where they recently were playing live. This Friday Lucite Tokki is performing live at Rolling Hall in Seoul with few other bands. Check it out if you happen to be around there! Cafe Veloso in Hongdae is a recommended place to visit as well.


It would be underestimating to call EE just another band. They are so much more and they like to call themselves “the total art performance team”. EE is a married couple Lee Yun-Joung, a stylist, main vocal of the 90’s Pipi Band and Lee Hyun-Joon, installation artist and a DJ. This April EE will be the first Korean artist ever to perform at Coachella festival in California.

The marvelously tacky music video for Curiosity Kills is directed by Lumpens. The original is shot digitally and the 80’s feel is created by copying it back and forth on VHS tapes.

Check out their interview with The Creators Project to see more of their work.

EE album “Imperfect, I’mperfect” and EP “Curiosity Kills” can be found on iTunes.


Casker is a South Korean lounge duo that creates beautiful melodic tunes. The duo consists of Lee Juno and Young Jin. The name of the band comes from Japanese manga character called Caska who exists between good and evil within the human kind. Electronic lounge is not very known in Korea but Casker has been featured in many compilations and in some soundtracks. The band also composed background music for a popular korean drama “Coffee Prince” and collaborated with artists such as Epic High.

Their newest album called “5집 Tender” was released in October 2010. If you like what you hear, you can purchase their albums via e.g. iTunes.


Fresh fresh fresh! A new video from Dumbfoundead is out. The beat is by Diplo and it’s originally produced for one of the hottest k-pop songs at the moment.

Dumbfoundead is a Korean-American rapper from Los Angeles. He has worked and performed with many notable artists in Korea and in US. He has two albums out and his newest mixtape with DJ Zo is called “Cut + Paste” and it is available for free on his website Go, love & share!