BLINK* contemporary photography magazine

Today we are introducing you a Korean contemporary photography magazine called BLINK*. We got to talk with the BLINK* editor, publisher and wonder woman Kim ARam. She does everything herself, from finding the artists to distributing the magazine. Impressive, don’t you think! The 3rd issue of BLINK* is just out and you can order it on their website,

Please, introduce yourself

Hello. WOWSAN! I am ARam, the publisher/editor/designer/PR Manager/Delivery girl of BLINK magazine.
What I do is just gathering what I love and showing it to the world and kicking boring daily routine out with great artists whom I love and support and take care of. That’s all I need to do, because of one simple reason, they make me and my eyes happy. The BLINK is myself and I am the BLINK.

I am an writer, an art editor, independent publisher, supporter for indie film & indie music, will be a dreamer and lover and drifter, wannabe jujube & raspberry & lavender farmer.

i daydream.
i drink.
i smoke.
i sleep.
i awake.
i go blank.
i live.
then i daydream again.
and i drink.
and i sleep.
and love will tear us apart as usual.

Marc Lathuilliere

How did you start BLINK*?

I was an art editor of a contemporary photography magazine before. But I decided to say goodbye (more like an ugly bye) to the publisher aka Mr. Profit. He didn’t respect art and artists at all, only the money. So I quit and it was the best decision of my life.

After I quit my job as an art editor, I wanted to escape this world. I wanted to go to India for a year, but many artists, gallerists and collectors kept contacting me. The artists who sent me portfolios actually changed my mind. I realized I can’t quit this work and I wanted to kick the boring Korean exhibition and media for art. So I thought, “Why can’t I make my own magazine? What the hell, let’s do it!” That was just a month after quitting my previous job. I am not a designer. I didn’t know how to use Adobe Indesign, but it wasn’t a big deal to me. The first issue of BLINK* came out in January. TADA!

Holly Andres

David Stewart

How do you find the artists for BLINK*?

As an art magazine editor, I interviewed a huge number of different artists and this is how I got many connections.
Mostly I try to find new emerging artists and sometimes artists or gallerists or collectors give me new suggestions.
Also after publishing the 1st issue, I started to get more and more submissions from artists. After the 2nd issue it seems people already know the taste of BLINK*. I really try to show a variety of photography. I know by now that there are many readers always waiting for the new issue of BLINK*.

I thought that the Korean market is too small for me, so I decided to make BLINK* bilingual. I want to communicate with as many people as I can. For now I focus on international artists. I also want to give space for Korean young emerging artists, especially for those who doesn’t get any opportunity to show their work. I also send their portfolios to gallerists and collectors all over the world. Right now Korean art market and exhibition system is very limited. I want give them some fresh air and give young artists new opportunities. They deserve it. BLINK* already represents two artists, I manage them and even give them a little pressure to create new work.

Alain Delorme

On June 4th Kim ARam will be talking at independent publishers’ event at Sangsang Madang in Hongdae, Seoul. On 26th of June there will be an independent publishers’ market held where you can find BLINK* as well. Go meet ARam if you are around Hongdae!​BLINKmagazine


  1. justbloglah said,

    May 14, 2011 at 4:18 PM

    Very interesting & great magazine

  2. chiamattt said,

    May 18, 2011 at 4:52 AM

    Great post! I’m just wondering if any additional information regarding the independent publishers market will appear on this site?

  3. WOWSAN said,

    May 18, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    Hi, we contacted ARam and she kindly sent this information:

    the exhibition entitled ‘ABOUT BOOKS’ -Independent book market
    date : MAY. 4 – JUNE. 26
    place : KT&G Sang Sang Madang Gallery II (3F)

    BLINK will take part in several event instead of the exhibition.

    Upcoming Event!

    1. recovery of Hong Dae!
    I will be guide for the exhibition and will have time for introduce BLINK.
    MAY.29 2:30PM~3PM

    2. Self Market
    some selected publisher whom take part in the exhibition will meet people in person and will have time to talk about their publications.
    It will be fun!
    JUNE.26 3PM-6PM

    3. Publisher Talk
    I and several publisher will discuss about self publishing and our own publication with people
    JUNE.4 4PM-6PM

    for more information:
    twitter: @SSmadang

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