In 2010, two 26-year-old friends, Seo Ji Eun and Jung Ji Yoon (together the “MISCHIEF MAKERS”), found a new Apparel/Goods label called ‘MISCHIEF’.

Mischief continues to focus on expressing its brand name originality through the analogue sensibility of ‘VINTAGE ATHLETIC CASUAL’ based on 90s golden era culture.

Mischief values participating wide range of cultural activities, not only limited in the fashion industry, but also in collaborative work with other various brands and supporting local artists. Starting in fall 2012, Mischief will launch its own clothing line and develop its career through new design projects in various fields.



The last week of August brought a new landmark for South Korea’s second largest city Busan. German painter Hendrik Beikirch created a 70 meter high piece which showcases a monochromatic mural of a fisherman with a text in Korean, “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.” The painting is applied on the building of Busan‘s fisher union located between Korea’s two most famous beaches, Haeundae and Gwangalli.

Responsible for this project is Public Delivery, an organization who has made waves across Asia and Europe through the promotion of contemporary art. Read more about the project on Public Delivery blog.

Hendrik Beikirch (b. 1974) is well know for his monochromatic portraits. He is also one of artist participating the Urban Void event at Platoon Kunsthalle in Seoul starting this Thursday, 13th of September.


Around magazine

AROUND MAGAZINE “HAMMOCK” from around on Vimeo. Check out AROUND Vimeo for more beautiful videos.

AROUND is a lifestyle magazine that represents rest, relaxation and mental healing with articles on camping, bicycling, mountain climbing, picnic and traveling. The focus on those who are away from the nature, fatigued from the hectic city life wondering how to spend their leisure time.

We are contemplating over what we can do in the nature as it stands instead of seeking artificial benefits like food, clothing and shelter. We are living in an absent minded manner even when there must be beautiful moments in our everyday life. We want to re-highlight the beauty of the pure nature and play a role that it can consolidate itself into a form of a new culture.

We hope that you will smile as you enjoy the photos and the writings that capture the happy moments spent with your family members and friends amidst pretty everyday life.

*We always wait for the participation of diverse writers such as designer, photographer, film director, musician and chef background with a good fit with the AROUND*

10 X 270 MM / 184 PAGE / OFFSET PRINTING / COLOR / PLAYGROUND / 2012.08.20.


Jinbo – KRNB

R&B artist Jinbo the Superfreak has been dropping new tracks on his Soundcloud for a while now and has blown us away from song to another. Now finally the whole mixtape “KRNB” is out and it’s all about revisited k-pop songs from legends like Deux and Seo Taiji and Boys to songs from newer artists like 2NE1 and SNSD.

Jinbo the SuperFreak – I Need You Girl (Taeyang’s I Need A Girl Revisited) by JINBOsuperfreak

Jinbo the SuperFreak – Love Game (BoA’s GAME Revisited) by JINBOsuperfreak

KRNB is available for download at Jinbo’s Bandcamp. Be sure to check out his Soundcloud and the album Afterwork for more goodness.

Album artworks by Dahahm Choi

SSE PROJECT – A3 Art Poster Show

Zine publisher and online gallery SSE PROJECT has invited Korean and international artists to participate in the A3 Art Poster Show. Posters from 20 different artists are exhibited at The Book Society starting from August 10 until 2nd of September. The signed posters are available for purchase at The Book Society but only 20 prints of each poster are available.

The Book Society

Posters: Yeji Yun, Jaycy,
Benjamin Phillips, O Hezin

Mountain by David Prosser

London based director David Prosser visited Korea for The Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival and created a marvelous animation “Mountain” that tells a story about three different characters who live in Seoul. He has been observing the city carefully and used symbols and elements that represent Seoul really well.

Client: SICAF 2012
Director: David Prosser
Production Company: Studio AKA


Low Classic

Beautiful women’s wear brand Low Classic is founded by three Konkuk University graduates, Park Jin Jun, Hwang Hyun Ji and Lee Myung Sin in 2009. Photos above from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, for more collections see: www.lowclassicstudio.com


Aaron Yunsuk Choe

Three words that describe me
wHungry, crazy, funny…

What’s for breakfast
Omelet, toast topped with butter, marmalade and salt and a cup of Rooibos tea. This is the breakfast I make for myself on the weekends. It’s kind of a ritual for me.

Favorite moment of the day
I guess this sound’s a bit cheesy because I’m a photographer but depending on the season but around 6-8 pm when the sun setting. Or really early in the morning is nice too if I’m fully rested.

Dream camera
Maybe a Mamiya 7 II with a digital back. Or just a digital back for the medium format camera I currently use.

Favorite city/neighborhood
I try and visit Gwangjang market at least once every two weeks. My grandmother had a restaurant there for 20 years and the place just feels very comfortable. So many good places to eat at, vintage clothing stores, a baking market across the street, and lots of things and people to take pictures of.

If you were a tree, what tree would you be
A Christmas tree. Loved then used, abused and finally thrown away haha ;P.

Stripes, polka dots or plain
Striped shirts, polka dot bandanas, and plain jeans.


Interview with Mipa Lee

Tell us a bit about yourself?
In terms of nationality, I’m Korean, but have spent most of my life abroad in different countries. I went to college in the US where I studied studio art and graphic design, but then returned to Korea and worked at a hakwon for a while, but now, I guess you can say I’m self-employed with my start up online vegan bake shop and painting on the side.

How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it before?
Characters and aliens from a colorful, imaginary world in my head. Sometimes the characters are happy and whimsical, other times they are lonely and lost.

What are your main themes and inspirations?
Some common themes in my pieces include communication or language barriers, exploration, discovery, and the simple pleasures of life. There isn’t any specific thing that I use for inspiration… I can find inspiration in so many random things, whether it be books, film, people-watching, music, or just walking around the neighborhood. And sometimes, I’ll just start drawing whatever is on my mind at that moment and see where it leads me.

What is your favorite piece you have created?
It’s tough to choose a favorite. For me, it’s usually more about the process than the actual final result. I remember really enjoying painting the big ‘Burp Blurb’. I usually work at a small scale and this was one of my larger pieces which was a nice change. I also just enjoyed the randomness of the characters, the colors, and the detail of the patterns and background.

What things are difficult to draw?
I think the hardest is capturing the essence of a person or a gesture, which is why I really admire illustrators who are experienced with drawing the human form. I also think it’s difficult to draw anything that you heart is not into. When you can’t seem to get in the groove with a painting and no matter what you do, it’s not coming together, it can feel like pulling teeth.

What would be your dream art project?
To write and illustrate a children’s book or have a solo exhibit.

Can you recommend some Korean artists whose work you find inspiring?
They’re LA-based, but Jeana Sohn and David Choe are two that I’ve been following ever since college and I admire and respect their work and styles so much. I can just get lost in their work.

What else do you do besides art?
I spend a lot of my time baking vegan bread and cookies, but I also like to explore the city, take photos, blog, play with my bunny, and grocery shop.

Where in Seoul we can find the best bibimbap?
One of the most memorable bibimbabs I had in Seoul was at a traditional tofu restaurant, across the street from the Seoul Arts Center. They put thick slices of tofu in it, plenty of veggies, and a generous squeeze of flavorful sesame oil. It was deeelicious!

Seoul’s best kept secret?
I don’t think it’s exactly a secret but I think more people should check out the Bangsan baking market, even if you’re not into baking. It can be a bit hard to find because it’s surrounded by all these other markets in dongdaemun, but once you get there, it’s like you’re in baker’s heaven. I just love looking at all the packaging supplies and baking ingredients. :)

Mipa’s website: http://mipalee.com
Mipa’s vegan bake shop: http://www.aliensbakeshop.com
Mipa’s blog: http://aliensdayout.com

LABAS vol.2 BARNSLEY by Nina Ahn

Labas is a small artistic publication dealing predominantly with travel and travel photographers who have visited interesting locations. Their latest book takes us to Barnsley, UK with Nina Ahn.

I created the book because I wanted a physical record of my travels, so it represents something of a visual travel diary.

I moved to Barnsley for 5 months, a small town in the North of England. I moved there to spend time with my fiancé’s family and was surprised to find it was more beautiful place than I expected, so I felt like it would make an interesting subject for my first solo publication.

I was able to travel to more obscure places not commonly frequented by travelers as I lived with local people.


₩12,000, $12 (International)
210 x148 mm
100 pages
Edition of 200
Printed and shipped from South Korea
Purchase: www.connectdesign.co.kr