LABAS vol.2 BARNSLEY by Nina Ahn

Labas is a small artistic publication dealing predominantly with travel and travel photographers who have visited interesting locations. Their latest book takes us to Barnsley, UK with Nina Ahn.

I created the book because I wanted a physical record of my travels, so it represents something of a visual travel diary.

I moved to Barnsley for 5 months, a small town in the North of England. I moved there to spend time with my fiancé’s family and was surprised to find it was more beautiful place than I expected, so I felt like it would make an interesting subject for my first solo publication.

I was able to travel to more obscure places not commonly frequented by travelers as I lived with local people.

₩12,000, $12 (International)
210 x148 mm
100 pages
Edition of 200
Printed and shipped from South Korea


ART&SEOUL has a new publication out, HE—RO is a collaboration between ART&SEOUL and artist Yoo Byungseo.

Everyday, Yoo Byungseo walks from his home to his studio. He likes to place stickers around where he walks. Not to destroy property, but to create meaning in these places. He likes it when people tear down the stickers or draw over them or destroy them. It’s all part of a process he says.

Here in Seoul, a camera is like a gun. If you shoot someone they can hit you back. So, he operates his camera like a spy camera. When he captures people, there is a lot of tension building up before that is released after. You always need to take a risk when you take this kind of picture.

The people in this book are Byungseo’s heroes. At the same time, they project his worst fear; of losing work and money, of becoming homeless. In the end, I guess you can say we all are fascinated by what we fear.

₩10,000, $10 (International)
96 pages
175 x 235mm
Color Offset
Edition of 350
Printed and shipped from South Korea
*includes stickers

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