Humming Urban Stereo

넌 그날

Hawaiian Couple

Banana Shake

Cute calming music by Humming Urban Stereo. This electropop band consists of Lee Jeereen, Shina-E and Humming-Girl. Their latest single “넌 그날” features Yoo In Na, an actress who recently became very popular after starring in a drama called Secret Garden.

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Casker is a South Korean lounge duo that creates beautiful melodic tunes. The duo consists of Lee Juno and Young Jin. The name of the band comes from Japanese manga character called Caska who exists between good and evil within the human kind. Electronic lounge is not very known in Korea but Casker has been featured in many compilations and in some soundtracks. The band also composed background music for a popular korean drama “Coffee Prince” and collaborated with artists such as Epic High.

Their newest album called “5집 Tender” was released in October 2010. If you like what you hear, you can purchase their albums via e.g. iTunes.