Sunrat Tattoo

It’s time for another guest post! Spanish illustrator, graffiti & tattoo artist Numi is writing us about Sunrat Tattoo parlor located in Hongdae, Seoul.

Sunrat Tattoo studio is founded by Sunrat. He has been tattooing for 8 years and is really passionate about tattoos, especially old school and American traditional style. This style is characterized by bold stroke line and many solid black and strong shading. Also the colors are very basic, not using more than 5 colors, red, green, yellow…

At Sunrat Tattoo there works Sunrat as a tattoo artist and Numi as a tattoo apprentice and staff. We also have a guest spot at the studio. Famous artists like Hiroyuki (Cotton Pickin, Akita), Horigyn (Sword of Rebel, Nagoya) and Chris Barnett (Good Faith Tattoo, Boston) already have worked at SR.

If you visit Sunrat Tattoo you can find clean and nice place to get a tattoo~ We are so friendly too!

Besides the studio, we also organize Ink Bomb Tattoo Convention Korea, biggest convention in the country. Artists from Japan, America and locals get together for the event. The next Ink Bomb will be held in spring 2012.

Sunrat Tattoo
325-25 2F, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel : 82-2-336-5698

All photos: James K Lowe

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Numi Midori / Born 1984. Spain. Illustrator, graffiti & tattoo artist

Numi loves pineapples, riding her fixed gear bicycle around Han gang river and paint graffiti.

She has worked with brands such as Adidas, Puma, MTV Korea, Kid Vanilla, Lomography, Converse and more. Numi also works for Ink Bomb Tattoo Convention. Launched exhibitions in Seoul, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Taipei and participated in an art-in-residency programme and does cross over with clothing brands.

Numi is currently living in Seoul and working at Sunrat Tattoo.


Cafe1010 is a travel themed coffee shop in the great neighborhood of Hongdae. Everything from decorations to boarding pass receipts are travel inspired. Cafe1010 has it all: coffee, tea and other beverages as well as lunch sets and desserts. Enjoy reading travel books while having tasty cappuccino or the perfect summer dessert patbingsu. Don’t forget to check out their little shop full of travel goodies and great stationery. Happy travels!
Subway: Hongik Univ.
Address: 358-8 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul