o-check design graphics stationery

Beautiful and simple with a doze of nostalgia stationery by o-check design graphics. The photographs above present some of the newest products. Apart from stationery, o-check also makes small items for home/living as well as accessories. The stationery can be bought online (Korean shop) as well as in selected stores all over the world. Check out o-check website for more details.

All photography by o-check.
Online store (Korea)

DoHo Suh

Fascinating art by Doho Suh.

Interested in the malleability of space in both its physical and metaphorical manifestations, Do-Ho Suh constructs site-specific installations that question the boundaries of identity. His work explores the relation between individuality, collectivity, and anonymity.

Read more about DoHo Suh at Lehmann Maupin website.

All images Lehmann Maupin.

Contented films

CONTENTed FILMS is a Seoul-based cooperation of Irish writer Neil Dowling and German director Nils Clauss. Together with their team they create movies that show the best side of contemporary cinematography.

The above movie was filmed in Jeollabuk-do province in South Korea and is an interpretation of a track “Lonely C” by Soul Clap feat. Charles Levin. The video tells the story of a brother and sister who have grown up together and still live and work on their parents small farm. Their closeness has crossed a line however into a stronger attraction or longing for one another. As they try to contain their feelings and deal with the shame they both feel music is the place they turn to find some inner peace.

More brilliant movies by CONTENTed at their website.

Misun Won Jewelery

Scotland based artist Misun Won makes beautiful jewelery influenced by Korean patchwork. In her works she uses fabric embedded in resin, fabric roll printed onto silver and thread to connect the pieces. Check out Misun’s blog for more examples of her jewelery as well as the list of online and offline shops where you can purchase it.

Artist’s statement.

Korean skate scene

Photo credit: Nike SB Team Korea

Skating in Suwon.

Skater Yang DongChul

Skater Kim Gunhoo

Korea does not have many skate parks but there are some good skateboarders making a use of concrete architecture of Seoul and other cities. They have decent community supporting them and helping them to keep Korean skate scene alive. Check out one of the links below for more information (mostly in Korean).

Nike SB Team Korea

Sktechbooks by Pooroni Rhee

Pooroni Rhee is a noted Seoul-based graphic designer and illustrator. As most of the illustrators do, she kept a sketchbook with her illustrations and sketches. An impressive collection of those, as well as her art work, can be viewed on her website.

Uniqlo Korea

Uniqlo Korea adds local flavor to their spring collection by showing the garments in a form of a street style lookbook. More photos you can see at their Facebook page.


Casker is a South Korean lounge duo that creates beautiful melodic tunes. The duo consists of Lee Juno and Young Jin. The name of the band comes from Japanese manga character called Caska who exists between good and evil within the human kind. Electronic lounge is not very known in Korea but Casker has been featured in many compilations and in some soundtracks. The band also composed background music for a popular korean drama “Coffee Prince” and collaborated with artists such as Epic High.

Their newest album called “5집 Tender” was released in October 2010. If you like what you hear, you can purchase their albums via e.g. iTunes.

I am a Boy, I am a Good Boy.

Yet again OhBoy! zine doesn’t fail to deliver awesome photography which can be admired in their latest issue. The series of photographs titled “I’m a Boy, I am a Good Boy.” was shot by Kim HyeonSeong. If you’re in Seoul make sure to pick up a copy of OhBoy! zine and otherwise check out their blog.


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Sulki & Min

Sulki Choi and Min Choi are a design couple that met in Yale in 2001 and collaborated ever since. With conceptual approach to design, they create aesthetic works in a form of print, digital, typefaces or writings. Make sure to check out their website that showcases many interesting projects. Sulki & Min are also the people behind Specter Press.