Unsung Magazine

So excited to introduce this newcomer, Skateboard Magazine Unsung. They had their first issue launch party just few days ago in Seoul and the magazine will be published bi-monthly. We got to ask them couple of questions about the inspiration behind the magazine and the differences between skateboarding culture in the east and the west.

Unsung: We started the magazine because while there are sick sites that cover skateboarding, like Dailygrind, there wasn’t anything in physical form. We all want to see skateboarding in Korea blow up and this is one way we can help get everyone involved. We offer a view on skateboarding from a different part of the world. For skateboarding magazines, the West dominates the information. We want to give people a better view of how the East does it’s thaaaang. Especially to bring all the skaters in Korea together to really push everybody. There’s so much potential already, we would love to take it to the next level and get the scene known worldwide.

There are a few major differences between skateboarding in Korea and the rest of the world. One thing is that the scene isn’t nearly as developed. There are dudes that have been skaters for upwards of 15 years, but the gap between the OG’s and the new generation is pretty huge. We’re seeing it start to close up as more and more people get interested. Also, the spots. The majority of Korea has been built within the past 30 years, lending itself to huge expanses of beautiful concrete, marble, and granite. There are so many untouched, virgin spots just begging for a good thrashing. There aren’t many places in the world that have so much potential that haven’t been blown out yet. Korea is a final frontier of sorts.

The aim is to have a 50-50 split of words and images in the magazine. We want to show as many faces in the photos as possible to get people psyched, and have the images to prove the gnarly stuff that people are doing. It’s a bilingual magazine, with emphasis on the Korean side.

We really want to help realize the potential of the Korean scene and get everyone excited and to assist in building the scene that was already here.

Unsung staff:
Photographer: Nak-Won Choi
Staff Writer: Martyn Conrad
Staff Writer: Brian Mollot
Editor: Patrick Biffle
Editor: Jin-yob Kim
Creative director: Ryan Saley
Director: Phil Song
Publisher: Kevin Kim
Art direction: prakt

You can pick up your copy from the stores listed here (currently Korea only).

Unsung Magazine


The 2nd issue of ART & SEOUL is out! Summer 2011 issue includes interviews with Nikki S. Lee and Nakion, photos by Nina Ahn and Patrick Tsai, and a booklet by Yoo Byungseo, Go Daegun and Kam Donghwan.

One WOWSAN reader has a chance to win the summer 2011 issue of ART & SEOUL. To enter the giveaway leave a comment with your email address on this post by 5th of August. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator and we will contact the lucky winner by email.

275 x 210 mm, 210 x 148 mm (booklet)
36 pp, 20 pp (booklet)
₩8,000 / ¥900 / $10 / €10
International shipping available!

All images: ART & SEOUL, www.artandseoulmag.com

Art + Seoul

New magazine called ART + SEOUL has recently published their first issue. In their own words ART + SEOUL examines the current climate of art + alternative culture in Seoul. We aim to reflect the diverse society of young artists + thinkers in this city in order to build a bridge of mutual understanding between Seoul + the rest of the world.

ART + SEOUL had their launch party on 4th of March and apparently the place was packed. They are planning to publish new issues seasonally. If you are interested in getting you own copy you can email marie@artandseoulmag.com.

All images: ART+SEOUL, www.artandseoulmag.com


High Cut is a bi-weekly newspaper about style, celebrities and happenings. The best part of the paper is the beautiful photoshoots with all the most hip celebrities featured. And the second best thing is the almost-free price, 300 KRW (0,20€/0,25$)!

WOWSAN will share more photoshoots from High Cut as well as other Korean magazines in the future!


Oh boy! is a fashion and culture magazine that respects the earth and environment. We create this magazine with the belief that consuming wisely is a beneficial act of caring about others as well as ourselves. We also believe that fashion is not just a way of self-expression, but in a greater sense a way to practice altruism and rationalism in a humane way. We are against animal fur and therefore will not include any photos showing fur; we will also minimize the exposure of leather products depicted in the magazine. We prefer to show fair-trade products and actively support the principles of environment-friendly companies. The magazine is solely run by advertising profits and a part of the profit will be donated to animal protection organizations.

OhBoy! ia a free magazine with amazing photography that looks great printed on a lovely matte paper. You can find OhBoy! in several shops and cafés in Korea.