LABAS vol.2 BARNSLEY by Nina Ahn

Labas is a small artistic publication dealing predominantly with travel and travel photographers who have visited interesting locations. Their latest book takes us to Barnsley, UK with Nina Ahn.

I created the book because I wanted a physical record of my travels, so it represents something of a visual travel diary.

I moved to Barnsley for 5 months, a small town in the North of England. I moved there to spend time with my fiancé’s family and was surprised to find it was more beautiful place than I expected, so I felt like it would make an interesting subject for my first solo publication.

I was able to travel to more obscure places not commonly frequented by travelers as I lived with local people.

₩12,000, $12 (International)
210 x148 mm
100 pages
Edition of 200
Printed and shipped from South Korea

Haru Haru / Nina Ahn

We are excited to present a new WOWSAN series called “Haru Haru” which means “day by day” in Korean. In this series we ask our favorite photographers to interpret the theme in form of photographs. Without further ado, enjoy the first Haru Haru entry.

Nina Ahn

Three words that describe me
Spiral (passionate), mirror (introspective), spiritual

What’s for breakfast
Actually I could barely have breakfast when I was in Seoul. Almost every morning I was so busy to
start the work early. I didn’t even live with my parents as my friends did, so I naturally started skipping my breakfast.
Now I’m staying in Istanbul, Turkey for travel and don’t work everyday so I’m free. This morning I had fried egg and kimchi (which I made by myself in Turkey, I can’t live without kimchi) and stir-fried mushroom, pickled pepper and rice (bab). I have a slim figure but I eat a lot so my boyfriend named me bob-monster!

Favorite moment of the day
About 2 or 3 o’clock. At this time, I turn on the music at a whim in my room and write something I suddenly thought.

Dream camera
I used Yashica T4 for last 2 years, it got unluckily broken. I think Yashica T4 suited me even though my boyfriend is trying to buy me Leica M6. He thinks Leica is the best camera for a photographer.

Favorite city/neighborhood
In Korea, of course the first is Seoul which is full of energy and passion. But sometimes I was terrified of falling behind in that battle field. Basically I love and hate this kind of tension from Seoul. But whenever I faced a mental crisis and was sick and tired of mean competition my favorite place changed to Jeju Island.

If you were a tree, what tree would you be
Absolutely magnolias, I admire white magnolia in the spring season.

Stripes, polka dots or plain
l’d rather talk about floral patterned item.:)