Design Studio KAMKAM

KAMKAM is a Seoul based design studio of two designers Hyunjin Seo and Jaekyoung Kim. They produce fun and playful furniture and other design items. In their own words “Our dream is to have the time and space to conceptualize, construct and share whatever comes to our minds. We want to transform all this darkness to show every single one of its colors.”

The dressed up furniture (2010)

An Furniture (2010)
A cabinet inspired by paper sizes A3, A4, A5 etc.

XYZ NOTE (2011)

Animation co-produced by Studio YOG and LOBOTOMY.


o-check design graphics stationery

Beautiful and simple with a doze of nostalgia stationery by o-check design graphics. The photographs above present some of the newest products. Apart from stationery, o-check also makes small items for home/living as well as accessories. The stationery can be bought online (Korean shop) as well as in selected stores all over the world. Check out o-check website for more details.

All photography by o-check.
Online store (Korea)

MMMG Your Summer

Introducing few latest products from stationery brand MILLIMETER/MILLIGRAM. Perfect items to make your summer adventures even more beautiful.

Backpack for your little summer trips. Perfect for weekend trips to beach or country side!

Label your snacks with these cute stickers.

Gather your friends to play a memo game.

Write a letter to close or long lost friend. These letter paper sets are made of recycled materials, old MMMG paper goods.

What is your favorite summer drink? Cute mugs will make it even more delicious and refreshing.

If you are lucky enough to stay or visit in Seoul this summer, take a moment to escape the heat and visit MMMG cafés in Anguk or Myeong-dong. In both cafés you can of course find MMMG products as well.

For international orders, see instructions.
All images: mmmg

Postcards from Seoul

Something tells us that more than one of our readers are planning a trip to Seoul this spring. Don’t forget to make your friends and family jealous happy, remember to send postcards! We recommend the ones by Zeroperzero. The list of shops selling Zeroperzero can be found on their website and they ship internationally too.

Safe travels!

Leaf-It by Appree

Sick of neon colored post-it notes? Appree’s nature inspired products will brighten up your days in the office. Appree is founded by Nam Sangwoo and the company and it’s products have been recognized in design competitions all over the world.

Appree products are widely available outside Korea and you can find a list of stores on their website

All images: Appree

Hello 2011. Good-bye 2010.

simple but fun calendars for 2011 by mmmg. available as table, pocket, wall or diary here.

photo 4, 5, 6 by mmmg.